I’ve been in an exercise funk for the past 6 to 8 months. Even though I took my yoga teacher training in that time period I still just couldn’t find my groove, and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and I gave up, losing myself to working from home for my day job. And then in the last few months I’ve felt increasingly tired, to the point that all I wanted to do was sleep. Going to work was just a stepping stone between the next time I could close my eyes and check out.

One day I woke up from another nap and could no longer handle the tiredness anymore. I was literally sleeping my days away and there’s big things I want to do in this life. I unrolled my yoga mat and forced myself through the lethargy to do the practice I’d had memorized since high school.

It. Was. So. Difficult! Not that it was physically challenging, my mind was NOT in the game. It has been so long that I couldn’t hold my focus on the practice (or anything) for more than a few minutes. It was more an exercise in determination than anything. But I kept going, letting it be tough, and difficult, and annoying, and after an hour and a half I had completed it and I actually felt really good! I know, of course you feel good after yoga, but I felt so awful when I stepped onto the mat that I had it in my mind that when I finished I might still feel terrible and that’s ok— pep talking myself. I didn’t feel terrible though! So the next day, even though I was sore and still feeling tired, I got right back on the mat and did my practice. All of it, and that felt great too.

Except for one day in the past week I’ve been doing my practice every day without fail and I have more energy, I can focus longer, I’m less anxious, and I feel stronger. Even though I’m a yoga instructor trust me when I say I was not married to the idea that yoga was going to solve my slump. I was way too tired for that! It was more a sort of desperate act to move rather than fall asleep again. The thing about yoga is it’s kind of the universal salve for a lot of what ails us. The postures, breathing, twisting and exercise that make up a yoga practice build Prana, or life force in the body. It also helps move blood through the body, allowing for fresh oxygenated blood to flow into the muscles and organs, helps circulate the lymph fluid which is where white blood cells are in high concentration, and it trains our minds to focus, be more open and resilient.

This is why I love yoga so much. You don’t necessarily have to know what you need when you step onto the mat, you’ll either figure it out as you go or the asanas and pranayama will bring into alignment what was misaligned. It’s almost like magic except that’s just the human body.

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